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  • You have to fill our registration form firstly.
  • You will attach your 1 colour photographs & anyone copy of aadhar card or ration card or voter card or driving licence or passport with our
      registration form.
  • No registration charges for filling registration form.
  • Your registration is valid for one year or 6 months from the joining date.
  • We will give you a carbon copy of registration form. You will make 3-5 photocopies of it and have to handover a photocopy on interview.
  • You have to pay below percentage of your salary of 15 days and company/office will deduct it on pay date for us.
  • Sharing Percentage of Your Salary:
    Salary slab
    Up to 10000
    11000- 20000
    Above 20000

  • If you work less than one month, company/office will deduct your salary of working days. (as per the agreement)
  • We will conduct only three interviews on initial basis.
  • In any case, if I back out due to personal reasons after arranging the interview/job, I will be liable to pay a fine of rs.1000/- to us before arranging next interview.
  • In any case, if I back out after receiving the offer letter or confirmation of joining due to personal reasons, I will be liable to pay a fine of rs.1500/- to us before arranging next interview.
  • If you are not appearing in the interview then you will be not eligible to appear in same interview or profile in the same company.
  • If you left your job without information company/office will not pay your salary of any day. We are not responsible for that.
  • We will keep any one original certificate and a blank cheque for one month and will return after clearance of our placement charges.
  • After joining if you want change your job the procedure will be same for one year or 6 months.
  • If any candidate is selected by our references and recommendations, he/she has to inform and endorse a copy of the appointment letter immediately to us for our record otherwise directly inform to our team or any concern person from CAREER MITTAR.
  • Contact Us : +91-9815644441     Email: